Water Damage Restoration & Repair Services In Apex, NC

Emergency Water Cleanup

When you need after hours emergency service for water damage, you need a company you can trust to arrive quickly and provide quality service, no matter the time of day. Carolina Water Damage Restoration is on call 24/7 for all of your water damage emergency cleanup needs in Apex, NC and the surrounding areas. If you are suffering from emergency water damage problems, call on us anytime!

Storm Damage Cleanup

If you live in Apex, NC, you know destructive thunderstorms and hurricanes can happen throughout the year. When large storms come through they often leave a lot of damaged homes in their wake. If your home or business has suffered from storm damage Carolina Water Damage Restoration provides storm damage repair & restoration 24/7 – 365 days a year. Call us for your apex storm damage project.

Home Inspections

When buying or selling a home, inspections checking for mold or water damage are required. Most of the time, the inspector will find mold damage, often lurking in hard to see areas like your crawlspace, attic, or ceiling. Carolina Water Damage Restoration can check for these issues prior to inspection or fix the damage if you have already had an inspection revealing water or mold damage.

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Carolina Water Damage Restoration Serving Apex, NC

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Carolina Water Damage Restoration is located in Cary, NC, right near Apex, NC. In fact, many customers in Apex give us a call because they know that we specialize in only water damage restoration and the problems that can arise from water damage. Unlike many disaster restoration companies that do many different types of restoration, we chose to be the best at emergency water damage restoration. We understand that when water damage occurs, it may lead to other issues such as: Mold damage, storm damage, leaking or broken pipes and sewage backup. We not only fix the issues, but we restore your home to the original condition before the water damage occurred.

The expert water damage restoration team at Carolina Water Damage Restoration is trained to learn about your project and understand that no two water damage emergencies are the same. We’ll come and do a thorough inspection of your home or residence and make sure to identify any damages caused by the water, repair them, and restore your home to it’s original condition.

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The Best Water Damage Repair, Mitigation & Restoration Caused By Sewer Backups, Ceiling Leaks, Storms to Mold Remediation & Removal in Apex

Carolina Water Damage, In Apex NC, is more than just a water damage restoration service provider. We provide services from inspecting your home for mold & water damage you may not know exists. We then stop the source of the water damage, remove excess mold and water, and get the in-home humidity levels to acceptable levels. Once we finish we repair and restore your home to like new condition. It doesn’t matter if the cause of the damage was broken plumbing, sewage backupbasement flooding or storm damage, Whatever the case may be, Carolina Water Damage in Apex, is ready to handle your water damage emergency or water damage restoration project.

Mold removal services in APEX NC

Mold Services

Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Mold Restoration & Mold Inspections in Apex NC

If you suspect your home has become infested with mold, call Carolina Water Damage Restoration to come out and do an inspection for you. Mold can spread quickly, cause damage to your property, get into your walls so it’s really hard to get out, and cause serious health issues. We don’t just remove the mold, we remedy the situation and repair any damage caused by the mold. If necessary we can implement a HEPA filtration system to increase air quality at your home or business.

Once we’ve completed our initial remediation, we inspect your home again to make sure that your home is mold free and safe. We can also help set up protection from future mold issues in your Apex, NC residence. If you want to make sure that your home or office is mold free, call us today at 919-302-2729.

sewage backup cleanup in APEX NC

Sewer Backup

Sewage Back Up Cleanup Services in Apex, NC

We all expect that our sewers are just going to work. We do our business, flush the toilets, and that should be end of it. However, sometimes sewer systems back up leaving a stinky mess and a lot of damage in their wake. There are many potential causes of sewage backup, but they all lead to the same result: A mess that no one wants to clean up. Regardless of if someone wants to clean up the mess, it can be hazardous to your health, but it can also make your home unlivable. The expert sewage cleanup team at Carolina Water Damage Restoration is on call 24/7/365 so we can fix the issue quickly.

Call us at 919-302-2729 or contact us and let our back up cleanup experts take care of your sewage cleanup issues.

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Ceiling Leak & Crawlspace Repair

Apex NC Crawlspace & Ceiling Leak Repair

The IICRC team at Carolina Water Damage is here for your home inspection, crawlspace water damage, and ceiling leak repair needs in Apex NC.  Our team is on call 24/7 to inspect your crawl space or find the source of your ceiling leaks. If we find issues, we’ll be able to stop the source of the leak, stop any further damage, dry out the affected areas and restore your property to working condition.  For crawlspace water damage repair, ceiling leak restoration, and mold and water damage home inspections in Apex NC, give Carolina Water Damage Restoration a call.

basement water damage cleanup in APEX NC

Basement Flood Cleanup

Apex, NC Basement Flood Cleanup

When pipes break or storms occur, your home may start to flood. Many times, since basements are the lowest area of a home, a water related emergency will cause a basement flood. For homeowners who don’t utilize their basements may not even notice that this is occurring. Though often unnoticed, basement floods can cause damage to your foundation. Call Carolina Water Damage 24/7 to repair & restore damage from a basement flood.

Call us at 919-302-2729 or contact us and let our back up cleanup experts take care of your basement flood issues.

Hardwood Floor Water Damage Repair Apex NC

If your hardwood floor in Apex NC has been damage by water from a recent storm, flood, water heater leak, or any other water damage source, it’s best to call an expert quickly. From full replacement to restoration and repairs, Carolina Water Damage Restoration has the team of experts you want to assess the damage and come up with a strategy for restoring your flooring to it’s like new condition. Click below to learn more about our hardwood floor water damage restoration in Apex NC.

Apex NC Appliance water damage restoration

Appliance Water Damage Restoration

Appliance Water Damage Repair in Apex, NC

Home owners know that appliances can break at any time. When these breaks happen, they may cause water damage or appliance flood damage to your home. Washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and water heaters that break or overflow may create suddenly noticeable water damage. However, sometimes these appliances leak slowly, over time. If your appliance has had a slow leak, it can mean mold growth or severe rot. At the first sign of water damage from an appliance in your home, contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration.

Apex NC Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Apex NC

If you are looking for the best commercial water damage restoration company in Apex NC, look no further than Carolina Water Damage Restoration. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your commercial emergency water damage restoration, water damage repair, and commercial water extraction needs. There are a number reasons that your commercial property or business could be affected by water damage, the good news is that our expert staff of water damage restoration technicians have the experience and know how to handle even the toughest commercial water damage restoration jobs. We are on call and ready to restore your business to it’s original, pre water damage condition.

Why Choose Carolina Water Damage Restoration If You Live In The Triangle Area of NC?

We serve many areas in the Triangle. If you live in Raleigh, ApexCaryChapel HillClaytonDurhamFuquay-VarinaGarnerHolly SpringsKnightdaleLillingtonMorrisvilleWake ForestWendellZebulon, or surrounding areas in North Carolina, contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration. We also understand that there are many different choices for your repairing and restoring water damagemold remediationsewage backupstorm damage repair & flood damage restoration. We want you to know that we can work with almost any company that you use for your homeowner’s insurance. We want to earn your business and we understand that by doing right by our clients we can build a lasting relationship. While we hate the idea of a storm, or other unforeseen circumstance, creating repeat business, we want you to know that you’ll always be in good hands with Carolina Water Damage Restoration, no matter what the emergency and what time of day it happens. If you are experiencing a water damage emergency like water damage restorationwater damage repairwater damage cleanuptoxic mold removalmold remediationmold restorationstorm damage repairflood damage restoration or require home inspection services.

Sawyer Fox
Sawyer Fox
16:47 27 Jan 23
Nobody wants to have to use a service like this, but when it it does happen, it is great to have good, responsive, timely, professional help and Jake, Landon and everyone else at Carolina Water Damage Restoration checks all of those boxes and more.From the beginning of the process to the end they were helpful and professional and did an excellent job. I can't say enough good things about their service so if you're looking for a great company to help you through a less than ideal time - stop looking and give them a call.
Rita Cubbage
Rita Cubbage
00:20 25 Jan 23
Todd S
Todd S
01:25 24 Jan 23
I'm not local to the area but recently had to deal with a flood at my late fathers home. These guys were amazing. Hats off to Jake and the crew. I really felt comfortable with the team and trusted them unconditionally. They're great at what they do and genuinely care about helping those that are in need. I needed work done at a time when demand was high for their services after freezing temperatures came through the region. Even then and after the long, hard hours they were putting in, and regardless of the significant backlog they were contending with, they still came out really late at night to get an initial assessment done. People like Jake and team are hard to come by these days so on the rare occasion that I meet people like them, I take the time to write these. Gentlemen, you provide a valuable service to those in need and after working with you, I came out of this horrible experience feeling positive about it. You helped make a miserable situation a pleasant experience during a tough time for our family. I cannot thank you enough.
Kristin McCue
Kristin McCue
14:31 02 Aug 22
Jake, Landon, and Xavier were great to work with. All were prompt, responsive, communicative, professional, and helpful. They made a stressful water damage situation more bearable and worked with us and our schedule. Jake was honest and fair with us. I hope we don't need these services again, but if we do, I know who we'll call!
Emily Allen
Emily Allen
16:20 25 Jul 22
Jake and his crew were prompt, professional, and thorough. Jake did a meticulous write up for my insurance company and helped with them throughout the process. Landon and Xavier did the demo in record time and came everyday to check the process of drying out the damaged area. Couldn't say more good things about them.
Benjamin Daniels
Benjamin Daniels
15:17 25 Apr 22
I could not be more pleased that I used these guys for our recent water damage to our house! I called them when we had water leaking from our upstairs laundry room and was leaking theough our downstairs cieling...they helped me over the phone to help get the problem stopped, then came out quickly to check on it. We agreed to have the work done to fix the pro leg, and once they got into the job, the damage was less than expected so they gave me a discounted price! That never happens, right?I would strongly recommend them to anyone in need!

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