Project Details

Location: Cary

Service Area: Raleigh

Services: Broken Frozen Pipe Water Damage

Water Damage Emergency in Raleigh, NC

A call from a homeowner regarding water damage in Raleigh, NC home prompted Carolina Water Damage Restoration to immediately respond and diagnose the problem.  Our technicians inspected the trail of water and were led to the closet containing the heating and air conditioning air handler/unit.  The drain pipe that the condensate line for the air conditioning unit ran into was backed up and clogged, not allowing anymore down it.  When the air conditioning ran and condensed water during its cooling, the water would exit meaning to go down the clogged drain, but would end up spreading across the floors of the home.  The water seeped through the kitchen cabinets in the adjacent walls, and the living room floors.  Our mitigation team removed kitchen cabinets, flooring, trim, drywall, and insulation before deploying dehumidifiers and fans to dry the home back to normal moisture levels.  The home was monitored during drying for three days until it was complete.


Water Damage Restoration in Raleigh, NC

Following approval from the homeowner’s insurance company and drying the home, our team began the repair project.  We installed brand new kitchen cabinets, flooring, trim, paint, and we even changed some of the door styles in the home during the project per request of the homeowner.  After the job was all finished, the homeowner found herself with a renovated kitchen and new floor/paint in the whole first floor of her home.  This was all billed directly to her insurance company by Carolina Water Damage Restoration creating a hassle-free situation for her.