Project Details

Location: Cary

Service Area: Raleigh

Services: Sewage Backup Cleanup

The Mitigation Process

In May, 2016, Carolina Water Damage Restoration responded to an emergency call about a toilet leaking from it’s base and flooding the bathroom it was in.  Our mitigation specialists responded immediately to the call and diagnosed the problem as a backed up sewer drain pipe.  This caused any use of water to mix with raw sewage and return back up to the house through the base of the toilet.  This posed serious health risks for the occupants of the home until the problem was fixed and the home was sanitized.  Luckily, Carolina Water Damage Restoration stops at nothing to fix your problems.

Our plumbing team dug underground in the customers yard to reveal the waste pipe that was clogged.  After working until nearly 1:00 AM with lights set up outside, we were able to unclog the waste pipe and rebuild a more efficient clean out access for the homeowner.

Our IICRC certified mitigation team scoped what needed to be torn out of the home and what was able to be kept and sanitized.  We took out layers of ceramic tile, cement board, underlayment, a vanity, carpet, trim, drywall, etc.  After the scoped demo, we learned the slow leak was happening long enough to rot out the subfloor.  We removed all the rot before setting up our high powered fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the home.  Here are some pictures from after the necessary demolition.



Repairing the Rotted Wood

Think of the framing and subfloor as the core of your home.  It supports all building materials and everything in your home.  Without caring for rot to your subfloor or framing could lead to massive structural damage and extreme danger to occupants.  Carolina Water Damage Restoration took time to make sure we removed and replaced the rotted subfloor and framing perfectly to maintain the integrity of our customer’s home.  Take a look.

The Restoration Process

After all drying and structure repair is complete, the restorative portion of work begins.  Some call this, “putting it back together”.  We installed new ceramic tile, vanity, paint job, trim, carpet, and more to make this home look even better than pre-loss condition.  We then moved back all furniture safely from a storage pod without a scratch or nick on any of it.  Here are some pictures of the final product.