Project Details

Location: Cary

Service Area: Raleigh

Services: Appliance Water Damage Repair

Emergency Response and Mitigation

When a Raleigh resident’s sink overflowed from their upstairs bathroom and leaked all the way down through their first floor ceiling, they knew to call Carolina Water Damage Restoration.  Immediately following the 9:00 PM call, our team of mitigation specialists responded to the call and were on-site in no time.  Our team arrived to see a flooded bathroom upstairs and a collapsing ceiling downstairs.  After extracting the water, tearing out unsalvageable material, and securing the customer’s items, we deployed our high powered fans and dehumidifiers to dry the home.  It is important to do this to prevent any secondary damages such as mold growth or rot in a home.  Here are some pictures from after all the necessary demolition work.



Restoration & Upgrades

After the mitigation is complete and an inspection is done to make sure everything dried thoroughly, the restoration process begins.  This involves putting the home back together and making it look like nothing ever happened.  Downstairs, we replaced the ceiling with new drywall along with painting the whole thing to ensure you can’t tell where the hole was or that there ever was one.  Upstairs, we replaced their vanity with a new updated one, new ceramic tile, granite counter tops and a fresh paint job.  We love to help customers upgrade their homes along the way to make a minor setback a major comeback.  Here are some pictures of when the work was all complete!