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Location: Cary

Service Area: Chapel Hill

Services: Appliance Water Damage Repair,Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water Heater Leak in Chapel Hill, NC

After a tenant of an apartment complex in Chapel Hill, NC discovered a leak from his water heater, he notified the maintenance department.  The head of maintenance reached out to us at Carolina Water Damage Restoration to come inspect the extent of water damage and correct procedure on repairing it.


Apartment Water Damage Mitigation, Chapel Hill, NC

The first step in repairing this water damaged apartment in Chapel Hill, NC was to stop it from getting work.  We mitigated the damages by tearing out drywall, trim, insulation, flooring, gypcrete underlayment, and more because it was all wet.  The framing materials were also wet making it impossible to dry unless exposed by removing those finish materials.  We dried the salvageable materials back to their standard moisture contents and treated them for any possible microbial growth before making any repairs.

Apartment Water Damage Restoration, Chapel Hill, NC

After drying all the salvageable structures and treating them for possible mold growth, we began repairs.  This all included replacing missing drywall, trim, underlayment, flooring, painting, and more in order to make it as if there was never water damage in this apartment.
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