Project Details

Location: Cary

Service Area: Raleigh

Services: Storm Damage Repair

Storm Damage Cleanup in North Raleigh

Water Damage Mitigation

During Hurricane Matthew many homes in NC were invaded by water due to the strong winds driving it into vulnerable cracks.  With a storm forcing water in all directions, sometimes homes are left defenseless in some parts.  A homeowner in North Raleigh, NC called Carolina Water Damage Restoration during the storm to report water coming through his ceiling.  Our team responded and secured any furniture by moving it into other rooms.  We also made it priority to protect his unaffected hardwood floors.  After setting up a dust containment zone, we removed drywall, insulation, and trim from the water damaged ceiling area.  After inspecting the roof, our specialists found the flashing on the roof above to have been compromised by the strong winds, allowing water to roll into the home.  As we had a full understanding of the situation and the non-salvageable materials removed, we felt it was time to put our high powered equipment to work.  Our technicians deployed our fans and dehumidifiers to draw any remaining moisture out of the home and it’s airspace.

Water Damage Restoration

After dealing directly with the homeowner’s insurance company, we immediately began repairs.  We installed new drywall, insulation, trim, and repainted.  Our team made it so you would never suspect the home to have been damaged.