Project Details

Location: Cary

Service Area: Raleigh

Services: Broken Frozen Pipe Water Damage,Sewage Backup Cleanup

Our Water Damage Project

Residents of Raleigh experienced a leaky water supply line to their toilet, flooding the floor of it’s bathroom.  After a thorough inspection, we could map out exactly where the sub-floor was wet using our moisture meters.  According to our meter in the picture below, the sub-floor was nearly saturated (even underneath ceramic tile and concrete board).



Mitigation and Drying

After removing the ceramic tile, a layer of cement board which backed the tile, trim, and minimal drywall; we were able to continue with our Dry-out process.  Now that the bare first layer of sub-floor and framing could breathe, we could dry it from both top and bottom sides (crawlspace and 1st floor).  We deployed a large fan in the crawlspace and a large fan partnered with a dehumidifier in the bathroom.  This combination creates a desert-like atmosphere in those areas and dries all materials quickly.

Restoration and Upgrades

When all drying is confirmed by a final moisture inspection, the Restoration process starts.  This is when we build back any lost non-salvageable material.  In this situation, we needed to put in new tile, drywall, and trim.  As you can see, we are always up for helping the homeowner upgrade their home along the way!  It’s always the best time to and we want you to love the final product.