Mold Remediation Services in Holly Springs, NC

Does your home smell musty when turning on the AC or heater? Has your home experienced prior water damage, sewer backupflooding, storm damage, or leaks? If so, you should consider mold testing for your home in Holly Springs, NC from Carolina Water Damage Restoration. We have the most accurate and thorough mold testing, mold damage repair, mold removal & cleanup, and mold remediation services available in Holly Springs.

Holly Springs, NC Mold Damage Repair

For more severe mold damage repair, Carolina Water Damage Restoration is here to provide the best in service for all your mold damage repair and mold remediation services in Holly Springs, NC. Whether carpeting needs replacement, ceilings need to be patched, drywall needs to be replaced, or any other mold damage repair requirement, Carolina Water Damage Restoration can handle the job. We can even contact your insurance company directly for your water damage repair claims.

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Mold Removal & Mold Cleanup in Holly Springs, NC

Carolina Water Damage Restoration is the IICRC mold remediation services company in Holly Springs, NC you can trust. If mold testing shows mold growth or potential in your home, we get to work right away with mold removal & cleanup. This involves creating barrier areas to quarantine unaffected areas, washing, cleansing, and sterilizing the areas affected. If personal items are affected, these are bagged and taken offsite for cleaning or disposal & replacement.

Contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration for Mold Remediation Services in Holly Springs, NC

Contact us online or call 919-302-2729 for Carolina Water Damage Restoration, the best mold testing, mold damage repair, mold removal & cleanup company in Holly Springs, NC. Someone is always on call to speak to you about mold remediation services and water damage emergencies in Holly Springs, NC.

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