Water Damage from Appliance Break in Wendell, NC 

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Water Heater Burst and Water Leak Damage Repair in Wendell, NC

If you live in Wendell, NC and your water heater breaks it will cause water damage to your home.When the break is due to a burst, then immediately contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration in Wendell, NC for emergency service response.  A water tank burst will spread water everywhere instantly and continuously from the water line until properly shut off. A Leaky Water Heater  causes water damage also, but  it spreads very slowly and goes undetected for weeks or longer, typically. That’s why at the first sign of a water heater leak, it’s important to call a water damage restoration expert as soon as possible. Carolina Water Damage Restoration, in Wendell, NC, is on call 24 hours a day to respond to your water heater leak restoration projects. When our water damage restoration clean up experts arrive, they will assess the damage, remove any present mold, and restore your home to it’s pre-water damage condition.

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Washing Machine Overflow cleanup Raleigh NC & Cary NC

Washing Machine Water Overflow Clean-up and Repair in Wendell, NC

Washing Machine Water Overflow, or Leak, cause a lot of water damage to homes all over Wendell, NC. Because homes and apartments have washing machines on a second floor, the overflowing water can damage the carpeted floors and risk spreading through the ceiling of the room or residence beneath you. If the water is left standing still  for a long period of time you may risk the mold growth or rot. Even if you think you’ve cleaned all of the water up, if the water has gotten into the carpets, you may be surprised at what you may have missed. If your washing machine has overflowed and caused water damage to your home in Wendell, NC, it’s a good idea to call a certified water damage restoration company, like Carolina Water Damage Restoration. Offering free consultation by phone or call center.

Dishwasher Water Damage Removal and Clean-up in Wendell, NC

Water around the base of your dishwasher, spreading over the kitchen floor, is a sign of water overflow water damage. To prevent further damage call Carolina Water Damage Restoration in Wendell, NC. He promises to restore any damage caused by a leaky or broken in-home appliance, such as a Dishwasher. Carolina Water Damage Restoration is staffed with mold remediation technicians to make sure there isn’t a mold issue after a dishwasher leak. When you call our 24/7 emergency water damage repair team we’ll inspect the affected areas, remove any water or mold, and then restore your kitchen area back to it’s original condition.

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Leaky Refrigerator Water Damage in Wendell, NC

Water Damage from a Leaky Refrigerator is usually produced after the leak has been present and spreading water for at least weeks, sometimes months. That’s why it is a good idea to call a water damage restoration company at the first sign of water or water damage around your refrigerator. When you call Carolina Water Damage Restoration in Wendell, NC,  a service expert will determine your service needs dispatch a team of technicians to assist you. If you do discover mold growth or rot don’t worry, CWDR also provides Mold Remediation service. If you live in Wendell, NC, or the greater Triangle area of North Carolina, call Carolina Water Damage Restoration today for a free consultation, or contact us online.

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