Sewer Damage Cleanup, Repair, & Restoration Services in Wendell NC

If you live in Wendell NC and your sewer backs up and begins to leak into your home you want a reliable sewer damage restoration company. At Carolina Water Damage Restoration we provide the best sewer damage cleanup and sewer backup repair.  Our team of experts are always on call to handle any water damage that may come from a sewer backup. We understand that a quick response is extremely important during a sewer damage restoration project. Our goal is to quickly contain the affected areas and then begin mitigating the water damage.

Sewer Backup Repair Services in Wendell NC

At Carolina Water Damage Restoration, our first priority during sewer damage cleanup is to stop any sewage leaks and contain the area affected to prevent any further damage. We follow this by removing all sewage, and also moving any personal items or furniture that was contaminated by the sewage to an offsite disposal. The next step is to dry the affected areas, we ensure they are dry by taking multiple moisture readings. Finally we will decontaminate and sterilize the affected areas, effectively eliminating any remaining contaminants.



Once the sewer damage cleanup is complete we can begin the sewer backup repairs. At Carolina Water Damage Restoration we have a experienced tradesmen who can handle any sewer backup repairs in Wendell and surrounding areas. Some of the repairs we provide include, painting, trim, flooring, carpet replacement, sanitization, blackwater & grey water removal and more.

The goal of the sewer damage restoration and sewer repair services from Carolina Water Damage Restoration is to provide complete sewer damage cleanup, repair, and restoration to your property.

Carolina Water Damage Restoration is a 24/7 water damage company that deals with sewer backup, storm damage, basement floods, and mold growth. We are available today to provide the best sewer damage cleanup and restoration in Wendell and surrounding areas. Our team remains on call and are always available, call us today at 919-302-2729 or contact us online!

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