If your home has ever suffered water damage, flooding, leaks, or other events involving water damage, you no doubt took care of the water quickly. But have you considered the possibility of mold growth after the fact? Not every company is as thorough as Carolina Water Damage Restoration when it comes to water damage remediation, and without proper measures, mold can develop after a water damage event. Carolina Water Damage Restoration is here for mold testing Apex NC, toxic mold removal Apex NC, mold damage repair, and any other mold remediation services. Our Apex mold testing and toxic mold removal service is the best around, allowing you to rest easy knowing your family and home are protected.

Mold Inspection and Mold Testing in Apex NC

If you have had a water damage event in your home, the mold testing Apex NC services from Carolina Water Damage are definitely a good idea, especially if you notice musty smells when turning the heat & AC on or off, have discoloration on the ceiling or walls, or have other signs of mold damage. When your home is damaged in flooding, sewer backups, or other events that bring standing water with contaminants, it is especially important to use a certified mold testing Apex, NC service like Carolina Water Damage Restoration offers.

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Mold Restoration & Toxic Mold Removal Service in Apex NC

If testing reveals mold in your home or you have visible mold growth, Carolina Water Damage Restoration offers the most thorough Apex toxic mold removal service & mold damage repair available. Our Apex toxic mold removal service uses only the highest standard tools and equipment, HEPA and EPA certified, for complete mold remediation services. Not only will we eliminate existing mold in your home- we take steps to prevent its return. More than just an Apex mold removal service, Carolina Water Damage Restoration will complete full mold damage repair on areas affected in your home, including the painting of walls and ceilings, patching drywall, replacing any wood that has rotted or been damaged, and ensuring that the cosmetic and structural elements of your home are completely clean, mold-free, and looking great!


Our Quality Mold Remediation Service Pledge to You

For mold testing Apex NC, toxic mold removal Apex NC, mold damage repair, & other mold remediation services, contact us online or call 919-302-2729 and let Carolina Water Damage Restoration expertly handle the job. We are always available to assist with mold related issues in your home, and can even work directly with your insurance company. Call today! We guarantee to locate and eliminate mold in your home!

Our Other Water Damage Services in Apex