Mold Removal Services in Chapel Hill NC

Has your home ever suffered water damage from flooding, leaks, or other events? Have you considered the possibility of mold growth when the water dries? At Carolina Water Damage Restoration we specialize in water damage remediation, but we are also a premiere mold removal company. We are proud to assist with all mold growth and related issues in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. Our mold remediation experts are on call and available anytime of day or night. When you want to be sure your family is safe from mold call the our team at Carolina Water Damage Restoration.

Mold Remediation in Chapel Hill

If you have had a water damage event in your home, the experts at Carolina Water Damage Restoration is the place to call. When your home is damaged by flooding, sewer backups, or other water related emergencies, the water can become littered with contaminants. At Carolina Water Damage Restoration we provide certified mold testing services to Chapel Hill, NC. If testing reveals visible mold growth in your home, Carolina Water Damage Restoration will begin immediate mold remediation at your home or business.

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Our Mold Removal Company in Chapel Hill NC

Our mold removal service uses the highest standard tools and equipment; including HEPA and EPA certified equipment for full mold remediation. At Carolina Water Damage Restoration our mold remediation experts eliminate existing mold in your home. From there we take steps to prevent the return of mold growth in the previously affected areas. After our mold removal service, our team will begin full mold damage repair on areas affected in your home or business,  including painting, replacing damaged wood and drywall, and anything else needed to completely restore your property. Carolina Water Damage Restoration is your complete mold and water damage remediation company in Chapel Hill, NC.

Contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration For Mold Damage Restoration Services

For quality mold testing and mold removal services in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas, call the mold remediation experts at Carolina Water Damage. We are available any time of day, 7 days a week. Contact our team online or call 919-302-2729 for mold, sewer backups. storm damage, basement floods, or other water damage issues in Chapel Hill, NC. Our mold removal company in Chapel Hill NC is always here for mold damage restoration services & mold remediation.

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