Carolina Water Damage Restoration is #1 for Water Damage Restoration of Leaking, Broken & Frozen Pipes in Durham NC

Have you experienced water damage as a result of pipe issues? Carolina Water Damage Restoration is your source for broken pipe repair, frozen pipe repair and leaking pipe repair in Durham NC. We have the tools, experience and IICRC certification you can count on 24/7 to handle all of your emergency water damage needs.

Carolina Water Damage Restoration is your #1 choice for commercial and residential water damage restoration of leaking, broken and frozen pipes in Durham NC. Give us a call at 919-302-2729 or contact us online now for a free consultation.

Our Water Damage Services for Leaking, Frozen & Broken Pipes in Durham NC

An IICRC certified technician from Carolina Water Damage Restoration is always available to take your call. When you contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration, the technician you speak with will provide a free consultation for your leaking, frozen or broken pipes in Durham NC. Depending on the severity of your water damage, we can be on site in about an hour to mitigate further damage and get started on emergency water damage cleanup services. Personal items are moved offsite to storage, standing water is pumped out, and the area is cleaned with hospital grade sanitizers. Next we take a look at the damages and provide a quote on the services we will be providing for frozen, broken and leaking pipe repair in Durham NC. No matter the extent or where the damages have occurred, Carolina Water Damage Restoration can handle all needed repair services.


Contact Carolina Water Damage For Pipe Water Damage Restoration

We have experience handling water damage repairs to crawlspaces, basements, floors, walls, trim, ceilings, roofs, and any other areas of your home or business. Once work is completed we take care to ensure your property is free of excess moisture and humidity so that mold cannot develop in the future. The end result is the total restoration of your property to the condition it was in prior to the water damage. When you need broken pipe repair, frozen pipe repair or leaking pipe repair in Durham NC, contact the experts at Carolina Water Damage Restoration 24/7.

Our Other Water Damage Services in Durham