Storm, Mold, Sewer Back-up, & Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Knightdale NC

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Emergencies don’t always happen during “normal” business hours. When a water damage emergency affects your home in Knightdale, NC, you need a professional company that can respond at any time. Carolina Water Damage restoration is the choice for emergency water damage restoration in Knightdale, NC. No matter the time or extent of the damage, we are available and offer solutions for emergency water damage in Knightdale, NC.

Storm Damage Restoration Services

When storms strike bringing damage to your home, you need the company available 24 hours a day for emergency storm damage restoration services in Knightdale NC. Carolina Water Damage Restoration is always on call for storm damage needs. Our team will arrive quickly for tree removal, flood water extraction, window boarding, roof tarping, and whatever services you need. Contact us now for emergency storm damage restoration services.

Knightdale NC Home Inspection Services

North Carolina residential sales require home inspections to be performed. Carolina Water Damage Restoration has the Knightdale NC home inspection services you need to detect water and mold damage. Our technicians are IICRC certified experts who can make repairs if water or mold damage is found in your home. Contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration for water and mold damage or to have a Knightdale NC home inspection.

Storm, Mold, Sewer Back-up, & Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Knightdale NC

Carolina Water Damage Restoration in Knightdale NC

Carolina Water Damage Restoration is your choice for water damage services for homes and businesses in Knightdale, NC. Whether you are an individual home owner, apartment complex or property management company, or a small business or office space, Carolina Water Damage Restoration is here for emergency services 24 hours a day. We specialize in water damage restoration and disaster restoration services and the various needs associated with these.

Carolina Water Damage Restoration is the company you can trust to be with you from start to finish. From initial damage cleanup to repair, we will fix the problem and finish with a thorough restoration. If you have water damage issues in Knightdale, NC, call the pros at Carolina Water Damage Restoration today.

Storm, Mold, Sewer Back-up, & Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Knightdale NC

Storm, Mold, Sewer Back-up, & Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Knightdale NC

Storm, Mold, Sewer Back-up, & Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services in Knightdale NC

Carolina Water Damage Restoration is always available for your storm, mold, sewer back-up, and emergency water damage restoration services in Knightdale NC and surrounding areas. Our technicians are fully licensed and IICRC certified, capable of handling all of your cleanup, repair, and restoration services needs. As a locally owned and operated water damage company, Carolina Water Damage Restoration cares about the customers we serve, and understands the unique circumstances created by weather and other events that cause water damage unique to the Knightdale NC area. No matter your  storm, mold, sewer back-up, or emergency water damage restoration services needs in Knightdale NC, contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration.

Mold inspections, mold removal, & mold remediation in Knightdale NC

Mold Services

Mold Inspections, Mold Removal, & Mold Remediation in Knightdale NC

At Carolina Water Damage Restoration, we do more than simply offer mold removal and mold repair solutions. Mold removal and mold repair, while important, only takes care of visible problems, leaving unseen issues that may allow mold proliferation to continue. Carolina Water Damage Restoration uses a mold remediation approach, not only removing mold and repairing mold affected areas, but taking steps to prevent mold from reoccurring. Carolina Water Damage Restoration will restore your home’s natural particulate levels through air filtration methods and create barriers reducing mold spore and particulate flow within the home. At Carolina Water Damage Restoration, we can even install HEPA filtration systems that improve air quality within the home. If you could benefit from the mold remediation services offered by Carolina Water Damage Restoration, contact us about a mold inspection and mold test.

Call 919-302-2729 or contact us online today.

sewage backup cleanup services in Knightdale NC

Sewer Backup

Sewage Back Up Cleanup Services in Knightdale NC

Sewer systems are something we take for granted and don’t seem to even be aware of until they stop functioning properly. More than just a mess, a backed up sewer can bring harmful contaminants into your Knightdale, NC home and make you and your loved ones sick. The experts at Carolina Water Damage Restoration are on call for you 24 hours a day and are trained and knowledgeable in handling any sewage backup situation.

When Carolina Water Damage Restoration arrives at your home, we’ll first take steps to prevent the spread of the sewage backup. Next, we locate the origin of the sewage backup and fix the issue. After the sewage backup has been fixed, we will begin the process of cleanup and repair to damaged and affected areas within the residence. A backed up sewer is a nasty problem to have, and the last thing you will likely want to do is deal with your insurance company. Carolina Water Damage Restoration understands, and will even contact and handle insurance billing for you. If you are having sewage backup issues in Knightdale, NC, contact or call Carolina Water Damage Restoration at 919-302-2729 without delay.

Knightdale NC Crawlspace Water Damage Repair & Ceiling Leak Restoration

Crawlspace Water Damage Repair & Ceiling Leak Restoration

Knightdale NC Crawlspace Water Damage Repair & Ceiling Leak Restoration

The IICRC team at Carolina Water Damage is here for your home inspection, crawlspace water damage, and ceiling leak repair needs in Apex NC.  Our team is on call 24/7 to inspect your crawl space or find the source of your ceiling leaks. If we find issues, we’ll be able to stop the source of the leak, stop any further damage, dry out the affected areas and restore your property to working condition.  For crawlspace water damage repair, ceiling leak restoration, and mold and water damage home inspections in Apex NC, give Carolina Water Damage Restoration a call.

Knightdale NC Flood Damage Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration

Knightdale NC Flood Damage Restoration

Whether caused by broken pipes, faulty appliances, sewer backups, storms, or anything else, Carolina Water Damage Restoration can handle your Knightdale NC flood damage restoration needs. Using powerful pumps, fans, and dehumidifiers, our team quickly removes standing water, makes repairs, and entirely restores your property. No matter where flooding has occurred, including basement floods, contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration for Knightdale NC flood damage restoration services.

Call 919-302-2729 or contact us online 24 hours a day.

Knightdale NC Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Knightdale Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Has your Knightdale, NC, business or commercial property suffered water damage? Repairing water damage quickly is important so the spread of the damage is stopped and it doesn’t lead to structural damage or mold growth. Carolina Water Damage Restoration Services in Knightdale NC, provides commercial water damage repairs & restoration 24/7 so you know we can be on site quickly to take care of the source of the water damage. After that, we’ll create a custom plan for restoring your property to it’s original condition.

Appliance water damage cleanup in knightdale, NC

Appliance Water Damage Restoration

Appliance Water Damage Restoration in Knightdale NC

In home appliances, such as water heaters, refrigerators, diswashers and washing machines, can overflow, burst or have slow leaks. These appliance breaks can lead to water damage affecting more than just the areas immediately surrounding them. When a washing machine overflows or a water heater bursts, they can release a large amount of water that seeps into floorboards, carpets, and can even cause damage to floors below (if they are on a higher floor). Slow leaks are less noticeable, but because they may go unnoticed for some time, by the time they are detected there may already be severe rot and mold growth. At the first sign of water damage from a broken or leaky appliance, call Carolina Water Damage Restoration in, Knightdale NC, for a free appliance water damage repair consultation.

Why Choose Carolina Water Damage Restoration In Knightdale NC

Carolina Water Damage Restoration is always available for Knightdale NC storm damage repair, basement flood cleanup, leaking, broken and frozen pipes, sewer backups, mold remediation, and emergency water damage restoration services. Whatever time of day or night, we are on call, ready to help. Contact us online or give us a call at 919-302-2729, and we will be happy to discuss how we can help with your restoration service needs in Knightdale,  Fuquay-VarinaChapel HillWake ForestClaytonDurhamGarnerApexLillingtonHolly SpringsMorrisville,  WendellCaryZebulon, Raleigh, and beyond.

Sawyer Fox
Sawyer Fox
16:47 27 Jan 23
Nobody wants to have to use a service like this, but when it it does happen, it is great to have good, responsive, timely, professional help and Jake, Landon and everyone else at Carolina Water Damage Restoration checks all of those boxes and more.From the beginning of the process to the end they were helpful and professional and did an excellent job. I can't say enough good things about their service so if you're looking for a great company to help you through a less than ideal time - stop looking and give them a call.
Rita Cubbage
Rita Cubbage
00:20 25 Jan 23
Todd S
Todd S
01:25 24 Jan 23
I'm not local to the area but recently had to deal with a flood at my late fathers home. These guys were amazing. Hats off to Jake and the crew. I really felt comfortable with the team and trusted them unconditionally. They're great at what they do and genuinely care about helping those that are in need. I needed work done at a time when demand was high for their services after freezing temperatures came through the region. Even then and after the long, hard hours they were putting in, and regardless of the significant backlog they were contending with, they still came out really late at night to get an initial assessment done. People like Jake and team are hard to come by these days so on the rare occasion that I meet people like them, I take the time to write these. Gentlemen, you provide a valuable service to those in need and after working with you, I came out of this horrible experience feeling positive about it. You helped make a miserable situation a pleasant experience during a tough time for our family. I cannot thank you enough.
Kristin McCue
Kristin McCue
14:31 02 Aug 22
Jake, Landon, and Xavier were great to work with. All were prompt, responsive, communicative, professional, and helpful. They made a stressful water damage situation more bearable and worked with us and our schedule. Jake was honest and fair with us. I hope we don't need these services again, but if we do, I know who we'll call!
Emily Allen
Emily Allen
16:20 25 Jul 22
Jake and his crew were prompt, professional, and thorough. Jake did a meticulous write up for my insurance company and helped with them throughout the process. Landon and Xavier did the demo in record time and came everyday to check the process of drying out the damaged area. Couldn't say more good things about them.
Benjamin Daniels
Benjamin Daniels
15:17 25 Apr 22
I could not be more pleased that I used these guys for our recent water damage to our house! I called them when we had water leaking from our upstairs laundry room and was leaking theough our downstairs cieling...they helped me over the phone to help get the problem stopped, then came out quickly to check on it. We agreed to have the work done to fix the pro leg, and once they got into the job, the damage was less than expected so they gave me a discounted price! That never happens, right?I would strongly recommend them to anyone in need!

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