Water Damage Restoration Services in Lillington NC

Emergency Water Cleanup

Water damage emergencies don’t respect “normal business hours.” When water damage emergencies occur in the middle of the night, on a holiday, or at any time, contact the professionals at Carolina Water Damage Restoration. With fast response time, expertly trained and certified personnel, advanced tools, and 365 day – 24 hour availability, we are the name to trust for your water damage emergencies in Lillington NC.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Lillington, NC, is no stranger to large thunderstorms and has even seen it’s fair share of hurricanes. As storms roll through, they can cause water damage to homes and businesses that needs to be taken care of quickly and effectively. Carolina Water Damage Restoration provides 24/7 emergency storm repair 365 days a year to residents of Lillington. Contact us online or call us today for your free storm damage restoration consultation.

Home Inspections

Are you selling your home? North Carolina law requires home inspections for home sales and purchases of homes. During these inspections there’s a good chance that mold growth and water damage can be discovered in more vulnerable areas of your home. Areas like your crawlspace, ceiling and even attic. Carolina Water Damage Restoration can remove mold and repair water damage pre or post inspection. Call us today!

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Water Damage Restoration in Lillington NC

When water damage affects your home or business in Lillington NC, Carolina Water Damage Restoration is here to help. Our IICRC certified team can handle all of your water damage restoration needs, night and day, 7 days a week. Carolina Water Damage Restoration focuses on issues specifically related to water damage, and our experts can solve any water damage remediation issues you may have. From cleanup to repair and complete restoration, Carolina Water Damage Restoration is the name to trust in Lillington NC and beyond!

Lillington NC water damage restoration mold damage sewer damage storm damage

24/7 water damage restoration services in lillington NC

The Water Damage Contractors Trusted in Lillington NC for Water Damage Repair, Restoration, Mold Remediation & Basement Flood Cleanup

At Carolina Water Damage Restoration, we specialize in water damage restoration services and all the services that are involved with restoring your home to like new condition after a water damage incident. We are one of the best providers of sewage backup cleanup, leaking and broken pipe repairbasement flood repair, storm damage repair, and toxic mold removal, in Lillington and we are always ready to take on any water damage emergency you may experience at your home or business. We’ll even work with your insurance company to make a stressful time, easier. We are available 24/7 – 365 days a year for all of your water damage restoration needs.

Mold removal and remediation in Lillington NC

Mold Services

Mold Damage Services in Lillington NC

Mold growth can be dangerous to pets, family members or co-workers, and destructive to building materials. It’s also very difficult to detect. The expert mold damage technicians at Carolina Water Damage Restoration have advanced testing capabilities to locate mold, determine the type, and provide effective treatment. If you are concerned about potential mold growth and mold damage in Lillington NC, contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration. Our team will locate and eradicate any spores or mold growth within your home or office, make necessary repairs, and treat the area to prevent mold from returning. For mold damage cleanup, repair, and restoration in Lillington NC, contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration.

sewage backup cleanup in Lillington NC

Sewer Backup

Sewer Damage Cleanup, Repair & Restoration in Lillington, NC

The smell and sight of sewer backups or septic tank overflows is enough to cause most people to call the experts. More importantly, sewer damage situations are dangerous. Viruses, bacteria, and disease thrive in sewage, so it is important to contact a professional sewer damage company for cleanup and repair. Carolina Water Damage Restoration has the proper tools and experience to handle your sewer damage needs in Lillington. Using hospital grade EPA approved chemicals, we make certain that people and pets are safe after a septic or sewer damage event. Contact us 24 hours a day for sewer damage cleanup, repair, and restoration in Lillington NC and surrounding areas.

Lillington NC Crawlspace and ceiling leak restoration

Ceiling Leak & Crawlspace Repair

Lillington NC Crawlspace & Ceiling Leak Repair

If you have noticed a small water stain in your ceiling or another sign of a ceiling like (like water coming out of your ceiling), it can be a sign of a much bigger issue. Perhaps you were in your crawlspace and noticed mold or water damage there also. If left unchecked water damage can spread and lead to more damage more quickly than you might think. Carolina Water Damage Restoration is IICRC certified and ready to assist you with your water damage repairs in Lillington, NC. Call us today and we’ll figure out the best plan of action to get your home repaired as quickly as possible.

basement water damage cleanup in lillington, NC

Basement Flood Clean Up

Basement Flood Restoration Services in Lillington, NC

If storm damage has exposed your home to the elements or flooding has turned your property into a disaster area, contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration. Our experts are on call 24/7 for flood and storm damage needs. We can remove trees and limbs, remove standing water from flooding, and provide whatever storm damage services are required. When storm damage affects your Lillington NC home or business, give Carolina Water Damage Restoration a call.

Lillington NC Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Water Damage Restoration & Repair in Lillington NC

Has your business or commercial property been flooded or damaged by water? If you own a company in Lillington NC and need commercial water damage restoration services, consider Carolina Water Damage Restoration for the repairs. Our team understands that the commercial water damage repairs that your company needs are going to be unique to your situation. Our commercial water removal team is on call 24/7 and has extensive experience with all parts of commercial water damage restoration. Give us a call or contact us online so we can get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Appliance water damage cleanup in lillington, NC

Appliance Water Damage Restoration in Lillington

Lillington NC Appliance Water Damage Restoration

Owning a home means maintaining appliances, but sometimes even properly maintained in home appliances can break. Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Dishwashers and Water Heaters can all leak, break, or overflow for a number of reasons. These leaks can happen slowly or they can burst suddenly, leaving a deluge of water covering nearby areas. A sudden burst is noticeable it can cause a great deal of damage quickly, however a slow leak may go unnoticed for quite some time, meaning that by the time you notice a signs of water damage, it could already be severe. If you live in Lillington and have a leaky appliance call Carolina Water Damage Restoration for a free water damage repair consultation.

Hardwood Floor Water Damage Repair in Lillington NC

Have broken water heaters, appliance leaks, sewage backups, or other issues damaged your hardwood floors? If so, contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration for hardwood floor water damage repair in Lillington NC. Our experts have the experience and tools needed to handle hardwood floor water damage restoration no matter the cause. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation for water damaged hardwood floors in Lillington.

Why Do People In Lillington Choose Carolina Water Damage Restoration?

Carolina Water Damage Restoration has a proven track record of quick water damage restoration done right the first time. There are many choices for water damage restoration companies in Lillington, but few have as many satisfied customers as we do. Don’t believe us? Check out the testimonials below, these water damage restoration reviews are taken directly from Google, click on a name and you’ll see what else they’ve reviewed, that’s how you know we ARE that good at water damage Restoration. We are based in the Triangle and serve RaleighApexCaryChapel HillClaytonDurhamFuquay-VarinaGarnerHolly SpringsKnightdaleLillingtonMorrisvilleWake ForestWendellZebulon, & the surrounding areas of NC.

Kevin GarofaloKevin Garofalo1684375890 ★★★★★ I've worked with Jake on his marketing since he started his company, which means I see the inner workings of his business. He cares about the quality of work and service that he and his employees provide. I like working with clients who have a passion for the work they do, and though it may be strange, he really is passionate about water damage repair.Nancy TavalskyNancy Tavalsky1683066497 ★★★★★ No one expects ever to have water damage- but when you do call Jake instead of any of the big name water mitigation companies. Jake the owner was there personally and immediately and worked with us all the way through to the finish. He does what he says he’s going to do and most important it gets done when he says it will, unlike most reconstruction. His attention to quality and detail in my home put me at ease.We highly recommend Jake!!DavidDavid1682253540 ★★★★★ I had the unfortunate experience of waking up in the middle of the night to water pouring through the ceiling from the upper floor. I contacted Carolina Water Damage Restoration and they came out the next day. Jake was extremely communicative throughout the cleanup and remediation process, as was Landon. They showed up when they said they would, they responded to my questions, the areas being remediated were sealed from the rest of the home and all debris was removed. Simply amazing! What was a super stressful event was eased by the professionalism and competence Jake and his team brought to the project.Emily MarieEmily Marie1680201905 ★★★★★ Jake and Landon were awesome. This was our first major issue as homeowners and they made it so much easier for us. They were able to come out next day and get started. While they were working everything was sealed so we didn’t have to worry about dust or a mess anywhere else. Jake was able to work with our insurance and really helped move the process along. Highly recommend them!David HennonDavid Hennon1678368108 ★★★★★ This is written by David’s wife, Pam.I was in Durham from out of state to visit my son and family recently during a health crisis.A significant amount of water was discovered in my son’s crawl space.I called several companies for estimates, and Carolina Water Damage Restoration was one of 2 who returned my call.I can’t begin to explain the positive experience we had with Jake and Landon.They came promptly for a fair and reasonable estimate, showed pictures and video of extent of water.They came the next day, a Friday and pumped the water out.Jason continued to educate me on the possible sources of water.Left his equipment in the crawl space to try and dry it out over the weekend.Jake has promptly answered voicemails that I have left for questions.Jake and Landon are true, honest professionals that I would recommend to anyone in need of their service.Thank you again.Andrew Ira QuinnAndrew Ira Quinn1677595134 ★★★★★ This was perhaps the third washer failure in my home of 20 years but the first to overwhelm my drain pain and provide a water feature in my downstairs hallway through my ceiling light. I had spoken to insurance, and it seemed that I may be in for an extensive repair. I wasn't sure who to call as it seemed I needed plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc. and was fortunate to find Carolina Water Damage Restoration.I went over the situation with Jake from CWDR on the phone and he gave me some advice on what I could do before he could get out there the next day which was a Saturday. He arrived on time and was very professional. He was also able to do his assessment without having to tear everything apart which was greatly appreciated and addressed potential electrical concerns so I could turn the power back on, etc.The actual source of the leak was identified, a seal was broken on the washer drain pain, and I was fortunate the water flowed through the ceiling light while I was home, so there was very little water damage, but it could and have been a lot worse, and if it was, CWDR is who I would put my trust in to address it. Thank you!js_loader

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